Mensio Product Update

Mensio aims to provide users with the most comprehensive and granular data available in the industry to inform better decisions on how to optimize the investment of marketing dollars. In recent months, brands, agencies, and rights holders alike have expressed interest in being able to a) measure the presence and value of verbal mentions within programming alongside visual exposures and b) within sports, understand the relative contributions of different sponsorship assets to total exposure and its associated value.

We are excited to announce a set of major product upgrades to incorporate these requests now live within Mensio’s Sponsorship & Branded Content modules. While we have supported these capabilities “off-platform” using Hive’s Logo Location and Brand Mentions models for multiple years, the inclusion of these capabilities in-platform provide reduced friction, faster access to data, and richer levels of brand- and property-level analysis as well as competitive intelligence.

Below is a brief summary of what’s new; as with all releases, notes will also appear as a pop-up in-platform upon your next log-in. Your Hive point of contact will additionally introduce the new capabilities live in your next scheduled meeting and, if not imminent, will be reaching out to schedule time for an overview of the new features at your earliest convenience.

New Features

Now Available: Reporting by Asset Type for Televised Sports Programming

Preview of Mensio's "By Program & Asset Type" page reporting brand exposure by sponsorship asset.

Sponsorship & Branded Content modules now include reporting of exposures by asset type across most televised sports programming. Reporting includes 25+ standard asset types including jerseys, TVGI / digital overlays, lower level banners (i.e., outfield wall, dasherboards, courtside LED, etc.), basket stanchions, and more.

Within the platform, asset types are integrated as filters into existing reporting of visual exposures by brand, by program, and by occurrence. Additionally, two new pages have been added featuring asset-centric views of exposure by brand and by program.

Data is currently available for all relevant programming since June 1, 2022, and will be available going back to September 1, 2022 shortly. Notifications will appear within the platform as additional historical information becomes available.

Now Available: Reporting of Verbal Mentions Across Television Programming

Preview of Mensio's "Verbal Exposures - By Program" page reporting verbal brand mentions by TV program.

Sponsorship & Branded Content television modules now include reporting of verbal mentions across all television programming. Verbal mentions are integrated into summary metrics in the Competitive Insights section, and have dedicated pages for  deep dives by brand, by program, and by occurrence.

Data is currently available for all relevant programming since June 1, 2021, and will be available going back to October 1, 2018 shortly. Notifications will appear within the platform as additional historical information becomes available.

Now Available: Updated Module Definition and Navigation

To accommodate the expanded data, we have reconfigured module contents and navigation for Sponsorship & Branded Content television modules. Specifically:

  • “Television – By Brand” merges “National TV (Branded Content)” and “Regional Sports TV (Branded Content)” into a single module, where programming across network types can be viewed in a single chart (and can be separated using the Network Type filter if desired)
  • “Television – By Team” replaces “TV – Team Sponsorship”, maintaining the ability to additionally filter brand exposures by the associated sports team(s). The programming in this module includes all available NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL live games and replays across national television and regional sports networks, as well as team-specific studio shows (e.g., Warriors Postgame)
  • “Television – Teams as Brands” replaces “National TV – Team Exposure”, maintaining the ability to view team-level exposures in sports talk and highlights
  • The sidebar design across the Television – By Brand and Television – By Team modules has been evolved to accommodate additional metrics and streamline access to individual charts and tables

We are excited by initial feedback to these module updates, and look forward to continuing to provide product innovation on a regular basis. Please reach out to your representative with any questions or needs as you experience the module upgrades. We look forward to your continued feedback and thank you for your trust in Mensio.